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All the single ladies… ALL the SINGLE LADIES!

For someone who is married with kids, I sure have a lot of single friends. Matter of fact, the majority of my close friends are actually either single moms or just single. Although I complain more than I should about having family obligations, I don’t think I would be a happy camper if I was 29 and still single… Not to say that being single sucks…. It’s just not something I would want for myself at my current age……especially in a city like Atlanta where the ratio of eligible and worthy single black women to black men is like 200,000 to 1.

Although that ratio is just an exaggeration, I have A LOT of friends here in Atlanta that complain about not having enough eligible black men around to date. The funny thing about that is that I also have one single male friend that complains about the same thing! His argument is that Atlanta’s black women are on……. “some other stuff… not  focused on what’s good for them… but more focused on having that Old Spice perfect man”. Continue reading