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My Kids Won’t Let Me Get Divorced

Last weekend we went to a birthday party for a 7 year-old. We were told to meet up at the birthday girl’s house and then we would all leave together to the birthday location together. I was one of the first ones to arrive to the house with my daughters. I was talking to two other moms there who had husbands that were also affiliated with the NFL in some capacity or another. The kids began to play and we introduced ourselves to one another and began talking about the different cities we had moved to… how many times we have had to move… the best cities we liked, etc. Continue reading

All the single ladies… ALL the SINGLE LADIES!

For someone who is married with kids, I sure have a lot of single friends. Matter of fact, the majority of my close friends are actually either single moms or just single. Although I complain more than I should about having family obligations, I don’t think I would be a happy camper if I was 29 and still single… Not to say that being single sucks…. It’s just not something I would want for myself at my current age……especially in a city like Atlanta where the ratio of eligible and worthy single black women to black men is like 200,000 to 1.

Although that ratio is just an exaggeration, I have A LOT of friends here in Atlanta that complain about not having enough eligible black men around to date. The funny thing about that is that I also have one single male friend that complains about the same thing! His argument is that Atlanta’s black women are on……. “some other stuff… not  focused on what’s good for them… but more focused on having that Old Spice perfect man”. Continue reading

***So you were bold enough to go thru your man phone huh..

I have had some friends that have had the nerve to go thru their mans phone, but don’t have enough nerve to confront him about the shit they found in his phone. I don’t understand this concept. Why can’t you confront him on that? Because he’ll ask you why were you going thru his phone in the first place?

Your response should be “Bitch, that’s irrelevant! The more important question at hand is who is this hoe you talking to about hot tubs and bubbles via text message?!?!”

Should you feel bad about going thru your mates phone?? Yes and No…. Reason? Yes, if you go thru there and don’t find anything. But at least you know that your man ain’t creepin… but then again, he might have deleted all the bad stuff before he got home. I’m just sayin…..

But I think more than anything that NO NO NO! You should not feel bad. If you felt the need to go thru that mans phone, then he obviously gave you a reason to. Unless you’re some obsessed, insecure, no self esteem crazy ass broad…. there is no hope for you. But if you’re a sensible, rational young lady and your intuition keeps telling you to jump on that Blackberry as soon as he turns that shower on… DO IT!

But if you find something, don’t be a punk ass girl! Ask that man what they hell is really going on and deal with the situation accordingly.