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Silent… But Deadly.

During football season, my husband works late and odd hours. He doesn’t have a time that he usually gets home everyday. He just gets home when he is done working. Yesterday he got home at around 6:00pm, which is SUPER early for football season. Since the kids are usually asleep when he leaves…. and are asleep when he comes home from work, him coming home at 6:00pm was a BIG DEAL to them. When he came through the door, the girls went running towards him like he was a soldier that just came from Iraq… and Raven gave him the guilt trip, “Oh my gosh Daddy! I haven’t seen you in FOUR DAYS!!!” Continue reading

Who’s the boss?

I was walking into the living room and when I passed by Raven, I gently slapped her in the back of the head. Yes, there is such a thing as gently slapping. Nothing wrong with an occasional love tap.

“Mommy?!?! What was that for?

“Just to show you how much I love you.”

“Mommy, that’s not love…….that wasn’t very nice….. I’m telling on you.”

“Who are you going to tell? Continue reading

Cats and Dogs

This week me and hubby have been “into it”. Country folks say “into it” which essentially means you are having an “issue” with someone. Well me and hubby are “into it” this week. Last week, we were loving each other. But this week, I can’t stand him! We go through our phases. Our love and hate weeks… Continue reading