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Training Culture Abroad

This really is really difficult for internet students and surroundings. Tension among university students may come from several sources. Forty of the pupils within the study came from schools within the reduce SES class, 47 from schools within the greater class. They would receive a certificate and a tshirt with a NSHSS symbol. Fortyfour students arrived from both government schools and 43 from equally low – authorities colleges. Yet another, and much more interesting scholarship plan is for all those essential school seniors that are effective at making a brand new applications. Continue reading

How To Write A Definition Custom Essay Introduction

The moment Youngsters Ask for Us, “Please Write My Essay for Me” ? Ensures All Of Them High quality Essays That Will Fit Their Targets!

Generating a wonderful essay with suitable knowledge and adequate personal references is obviously a hardship on college students. Essentially kids need to face a tricky time for you to get together instructions with their assigner of the appropriate method. Regrettably, many students fail to suit advice of their own assigner which result in little operation and terrible marks. Continue reading

Podcast Episode 7 feat. Stephan Speaks

On Episode 7 of the BECAUSE I SAID SO podcast, Stephan and I discuss the unrest and rioting in Baltimore. We show love to our President Obama for having such an amazing sense of humor by recently giving an amazing speech. We share our thoughts on pregnant women who date as well as dissecting a video that was recently made that says that black women behave more submissively when they are in interracial relationships. Please tune in! Subscribe! Share! And leave a review in iTunes!

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Podcast Episode 6 featuring Stephan Speaks

Here is my recent episode on my “Because I Said So” podcast featuring Stephan of Stephan Speaks Relationships.

On this episode we quickly discuss some of things that are currently happening in the news. The Obamas. Hillary Clinton campaigning to be the next big dawg in the White House, Mama Tina Knowles getting hitched, Drake getting tongued down by Madonna and so called justice that makes zero sense in America.

If you want to listen to it on your smartphone, you can catch the episodes on iTunes at     OR …. you can just listen to it RIGHT HERE!

I Started A Podcast!!!


Actually, I started it a while ago and I’m just sharing it. I’m very excited about it! I’m very proud of it. I’ve been saying that I wanted to do it for some time and I finally am! So if you are interested or bored at work, take a listen, share and subscribe because I have more episodes on the way!

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Enjoy and let me know what you think! 

Easter Gimmicks

slide_412572_5209038_free-2Happy belated Easter! I hope it was a great one for you. It was a regular day in our household. No eggs. No baskets. No gifts to the kids. No new dresses in pastel colors. No bunnies. No Easter egg hunt. And not even a trip to the local church. I mean… Why? We don’t usually go to church any other Sunday throughout the year so why would we go on Easter? Simply to make a statement saying we celebrated Easter?  Continue reading

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The Friday TurnUP!

The turn up is so real for us on Fridays. While some folks are out clubbing or prowling the streets, we get our jam on with Jesus by participating in a monthly bible study with other like-minded married folks.  Do people in their mid-thirties still TURN UP in the club every Friday? Is TURN UP even the word to use nowadays?

ANYWAY…. Continue reading

Looking back at Mother’s Day 2013

Mother’s Day is a couple days away and I can’t help but to reminisce about last years AMAZING Mother’s Day surprise my husband put on for me. He hired A Squared Meal by A&A Chefs out of St. Louis to come into our home while we were at church to make us a four course Mother’s Day Brunch. I was totally surprised to see two white folks standing in my kitchen after we had just got done praising The Lord! Ha! Continue reading